stressNeurophysiological measurement is an important test that everyone needs to consider to evaluate their nervous system. It is a quick process where non-invasive exams are performed. Dr. Ben Purcell, a Bathurst Chiropractor, effectively uses NeuroInfiniti machine to assess your nerve and provide detail about how they are affecting your health.

This is useful to find the minute change in neurophysiology and also capabilities for neural responses to stress and recovery. This new tool is now widely used by chiropractors around the world due to the association of a huge number of benefits.

What Is A NeuroInfiniti?       

A NeuroInfiniti is a highly useful tool which was designed to measure the physiological stress response accurately. This machine provides full details about the consequence of chiropractic adjustment on the brain. This is an effective way to test the health of the body which is affected by body’s stress response. This is a computerized process in which there are sensors that are attached to the top of the head, shoulder muscle, hand, and forearm.

NeuroInfiniti testing takes around twelve minutes to finish, and within that few minutes, it depicts how you respond and recover from stress challenges.According to Bathurst Chiropractor, Dr. Ben Purcell this instrument has helped chiropractors to evaluate health condition of the patient easily.

Factors Measured In NeuroInfiniti Testing

NeuroInfiniti testing is utilized for measuring different factors, and these factors are:

  • Brain Waves –

The brain activity of a person determines the frequency or speed of waves which originates from the brain and the NeuroInfiniti machine captures those waves for the stress response.

  • Heart Rate –

NeuroInfiniti machine detects the cause behind the rise in heart rate accurately and also measures how long the heart takes to return to the normal stage. This device provides valuable information on the patient’s response.

  • Heart Rate Variability –

Heart rate variability is a process of determining the effect of stress in patient’s life. This method is now also utilized for measuring the effect of Chiropractic care.

  • Temperature –

NeuroInfiniti machine also records the temperature because it is an effective way to calculating the stress response. During stress response, the blood shift to muscles from the skin for dealing with stress challenge.

  • Skin Conductance –

According to Dr. Ben Purcell who is a well-knownBathurst Chiropractor, NeuroInfiniti test finds out minute details, and skin conductance is one them. Skin conductance is calculated because this factor changes with the moisture of the skin which changes according to stress.

  • Muscle Activity –

During NeuroInfiniti test, muscle activity in shoulder and face is also taken into account because those muscles are correlated with stress response.

  • Respiration Rate –

Stress response is also measured by figuring out your breathing rate along with the way of your breathing.

So, if you think of finding the imbalance in your in your nervous system and improve your response time, then you should wait before things go south.

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