fastbowlThe fast bowlers are prone to injuries because a force of about 8 to 10 times the body weight gets transmitted along the body during fast bowling. This force along with the lumbar movement is responsible for the risk of injuring the lumbar spine. The lumbar fracture develops due to the repititive hyperextension combined along with the rotational force. Thus the lumbar stress fractures are common amongst young athletes especially during the period of faster growth.

What is Back Stress Fracture and its Symptoms?

Fast bowlers are prone to develop back stress fracture. The overload and complicated bowling techniques contribute to the development of spondylolysis or lumbar stress fracture. According to research, mixed bowling technique is responsible for lower back injury more than the front or side on techniques.

Back fracture or lumbar fracture symptoms include unilateral back pain of the lower region, worsening of pain by the lumbar extension and improvement of symptoms with rest.

How to Deal with the Problem of Lower Back Pain?

Chiropractic care is effective for treating spondylolysis. It is a conservative way of treating patients and its goal is to minimize the lower back pain and to facilitate healing. If you consult your Perth chiropractor, he would help you in treating your back stress fracture in the following way.

#1. Management of Inflammation and Pain

This is the first phase of treatment in which the Perth chiropractor makes use of a host of tools for reducing inflammation and pain. The treating tools include acupuncture, tens machine, ice, techniques of de-loading taping, massage of the soft tissue and the use of a supportive brace for warding off excessive load from the site of injury. The chiropractor would even advice you to refrain doing activities that would cause pain. He would use ice therapy and suggest exercises that can ward off excessive load from the inflamed tissues. He even prescribes anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medication to minimize inflammation and pain.

#2. Restoring the Strength, Range of Motion and Muscle Control

In this phase, your Perth chiropractor can make use of a back brace for stabilizing joint. He uses trigenics which is a futuristic technique for assessing, training and treating the neurological muscle. In some patients, they use the ‘anti-lordotic brace’ to settle the pain. Hydrotherapy exercises in many cases are used by chiropractors as it proves to be beneficial for the repair of early injury. After the inflammation subsides the chiropractor emphasizes on restoring the normal posture and range of motion of the back joint. Mobilization of the stiff joint next to the spondylolysis is required to reduce the stress caused by pars interarticularis. Exercises are suggested to the patients to restore the muscle coordination and strength. After assessing the pattern of the core muscle recruitment the Perth chiropractor would suggest the exercises best suited to your requirement.

#3. Restoring The Full Function

In this phase modified technique of bowling is introduced to help players resume the normal exercises and activities like running, jogging etc.

#4. Returning to the Sports Activities

Your Perth chiropractor would help you to resume the sports activities. It may take about 12 weeks or a little longer to return back to sports.

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