FootballParticipating in team sports is great for kids fitness and character building. Playing various sports plays a big part in fighting obesity and tackling the disengagement many of our kids are suffering from nowadays. How many of you spend nights fretting over the time your kids spend in the virtual world? Are you constantly thinking of ways to divert their attention?


Playing Football Can Have a Positive and Negative Effect

In Australia, a popular game for young people is football. However, there is a lot of concern being raised about the suitability of this contact sport for children. The reason for this is that tackling moves can have a significant impact on a players well being. Other features of the game that can impact on players health are the repeated rapid acceleration and deceleration, jumping, bending, agility and other types of collisions. The game itself is played over an increasing number of short high intensity periods of play and longer stop periods. For adults, weighing up the risk of being injured against the benefits of playing football is much easier. For younger people the choice is a little more difficult.


Recent Research Has Shown Chiropractic Can Reduce Injuries

There has been some important research undertaken recently, with regards Australian Rules football. Two big name clubs participated in the study. It was found that chiropractic can reduce the risk of player injury, significantly. The injuries under the microscope were hamstring injuries and lower limb muscle strain. These are the two most common injuries in the sport today. It is the first research of its kind, and there were some important issues raised. A total of 59 players took part in the study, from two teams.


The research has shown that:

Those in the study receiving chiropractic care were 4% less likely to suffer hamstring injuries and lower limb muscle strain

Those not in the study were 17% more likely to suffer a hamstring injury and 28% more likely to suffer lower limb muscle strain

The players receiving chiropractic care missed only four matches during the season, while those not receiving care missed a total of 35 matches.

As well as reducing hamstring injuries and lower limb muscle strain there were also improvements in non-contact knee injuries, lower back pain and a general improvement in players physical health.


In the US, there are an increasing number of professional sports teams that are turning to chiropractors, many of whom have become an important member of the team staff. For example, 32 NFL teams have an official team chiropractor. AFL football clubs are also now turning to chiropractors to help reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries.


You might be thinking that visiting a chiropractic centre, like Sunbury Chiropractor, is not for you. However, this centre is experienced in sports chiropractic, with a special interest in young children. If you’ve got a young family member or friend who loves playing football, consider paying a chiropractic centre a visit in order to reduce football related injuries.

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