cycling 2Preventing cycling injuries is something that every cyclist needs to master. Injuries are something that no sports person wants, especially during a competitive event or even the basic training session. Professionals in the Tour De France are well equipped with not only knowledge but also experts and physio teams who will make sure they’re ready for the race ahead. Although you may not have a team, having a set of helpful tips can also be beneficial when it comes to preventing cycling injuries.

To start you off on your cycling career below are some of the best tips we can give when it comes to preventing cycling injuries.

Technique and Method of Execution – Perfect it!

One thing for sure is that the professionals in the Tour De France know their techniques and methods. They probably have training teams outside of the races putting them through their paces and making sure they are ready for the event. One of the biggest aspects that the trainers will focus on is technique and the method of execution – these can boost performance and prevent severe cycling injuries.

One key aspect that many cyclists need to focus on is breathing. It is the easiest and most basic human action and we tend not to think about it, both in everyday life and exercise. However, it is very important. In particular, Tour De France trainers suggest that you should breathe through the diaphragm and then relax as you exhale, relaxing the body and muscles, preventing injury.

Buy Suitable Training Gear

We are not telling you that you should go out and buy the best cycling gear money can buy but it is beneficial to get gear that not only fits but won’t cause you discomfort and injuries during sessions. Unfortunately, if you are not sponsored like the Tour De France fellas, you will probably have to buy your own equipment. Yet, one thing if for sure, make sure it fits!

Too many people buy the top gear but don’t make sure that it has a snug fit. This goes hand-in-hand with bicycle adjustments also. Improperly fitted gear will rub and can injure your skin when you move. A bike that is not adjusted properly will strain muscles and could result in a pull or tear. Don’t risk it, make sure your equipment is up to scratch and right for you.

Schedule Weekly Appointments with a Sports and Spinal Physio Professional

Something that we can be sure of is that professional cyclists, like the individuals in the Tour De France, have sports and spinal physio teams standing by to deal with injuries and prevent them. You can schedule appointments weekly with a physiotherapist to make sure you’re protected from the more severe injuries when cycling.

A sports and spinal physio specialist will be able to realign any muscles and bones out of place, giving you a therapeutic release and a full-body treatment to make sure you’re ready for the next week. The professionals have it, so why shouldn’t you?

There you have it, our top tips for staying in the green without any injuries. There are more techniques but these are our favorites and probably the biggest ones when it comes to injury prevention. If you want professional physio treatment, just like the pros, use Turramurra. Call 9144-1510 now to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

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