mgThe ADA (American Dental Association) states that a mouthguard, worn during sporting activities will provide sixty times more protection to a child’s teeth, jaw and the soft tissues of their mouth and face.¹  Worryingly only 30% of children taking part in sporting activities, actually wears one of these protective sports mouthguards, though.²

These figures are surprising when parents are so concerned for the safety of their child, but so often, the ‘boil and bite’ self-forming mouthguards available in-store are uncomfortable, and therefore, unpopular.

Diane Tozer, is a Dental Prosthetist whose practice, Westside Denture, is not only a well-known dispenser of dentures Brisbane but also of sports mouthguards that are custom-made for each wearer. She warns that an ‘off the shelf’ mouthguard may be a false economy as firstly, a child is unlikely to comply and wear it 100% of the time, and secondly, these products do not offer the same degree of protection when they are worn! She goes on to point out that, thousands of people receive treatment each year in Hospital EDs and by their own Dentists, after a sporting injury to their mouth or jaw that could potentially, have been avoided.

Custom Mouthguards Give The Best Protection

It is indisputable, that wearing any type of mouthguard will be better than not wearing one at all, but by comparison with the uncomfortable, often poorly fitting, store-bought type, custom Mouthguards win hands-down! Diane goes on to point out that, ‘at our practice, each mouthguard wearer can be confident that it is not going to get dislodged, or fall out, will be comfortable for long periods, (even if they wear dental braces), and will be resistant to wear and tear and low maintenance.’

‘Most importantly,’ she continues, ‘for young wearers, our mouthguards do not restrict breathing or make clear speech difficult – and a big plus it that we can make them in school or team colours which, apparently, makes them “really cool”!’

Parents, even those not covered by a Healthcare plan, are pleasantly surprised, by the affordable price of providing their child with unparalleled dental protection during sport. If you would like further information or wish to book a consultation for your child, call the practice, Westside Dentures Brisbane today on 07 3278 0580.

Do Not Risk Injury

It really is not worth the risk. Accidents such as the one that happened to football goalkeeper for Newcastle Jets, Mark Birighitti are avoidable. He lost several teeth and needed forty stitches because he was not wearing a mouthguard. You can prevent accidents like this for your child!

You might feel that a store-bought mouthguard is saving money but is actually, a bad buy if your child leaves it in his kit bag – for any of the reasons we have highlighted! If it does not provide full protection, your child could still pick up a painful injury and even lose teeth, unnecessarily. Remember that a custom-made sports mouthguard give your child 60 times the protection of a child not wearing one!



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