Practice management software is a crucial consideration in setting up your practice. Its usefulness can seriously impact the operation of the facility and can improve or undermine the results that the business achieves.

Before picking a system your have to consider exactly what are your needs. A solo specialist simply beginning will certainly have different practice management software needs from a multi-practitioner practice that has been operating for lots of years.

Single specialists will usually require the following.

Portability of the System.

Lots of practice start ups have the specialist working in an additional place to supplement their income while they increase their own practice. Once their practice has grown adequately they can then move into their practice on a more full time basis. However until then they require a system that can easily be accessed in multiple locations simultaneously.

This is because they might have an assistant in one location reserving sessions for them while they might be booking visits in yet another area. Web based practice management programs can conveniently deliver this, while traditional systems typically can easily not.  One such system is iconpractice.

Low Start Up Costs.


When starting a practice you normally have many upfront expenses and overheads with little income entering the company. Practitioners often have to buy costly therapy benches, diagnostic equipment and workplace furnishings.

There is also the requirement to spend a larger amount on marketing the practice in order to develop clients, without which the practice will certainly fail. It would certainly be wonderful for that reason to prevent a huge upfront expense for practice management software.

Typically standard practice management programs also charges for each computer that the system is put on, or if you are running a server, for each workstation. This can quickly multiply the price, working into your launch money. Net based software generally charges based upon just how many practitioners are in the practice. Individuals can then access the software on as many pcs as they like, even if they are operating in different places.

Low IT Requirements.

Running a server is hard and expensive and usually calls for contractor IT support. If you are organizing to run conventional systems on more than one computer you can practically guarantee that you will need some type of network and server setup.

Web based practice management programs usually needs only an internet connection which can easily commonly be accomplished by a straightforward wireless network. This kind of environment is effortless and affordable to set up and typically straightforward to manage.


As long as you have a reliable internet connection, and nowadays most businesses do, web based practice management software supplies a number of advantages over conventional pc or server systems. The capability to access the software practically anywhere, plus small start up prices and IT requirements make it an attractive choice.

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