Spring is right around the corner, and now is the time to start planning for your garden. Gardening is fun and advantageous because it increases creativity, is relaxing, enhances mental stimulation, and there is a deep connection to the earth.

If this is your first year of gardening, you need to consider tons of factors, from the tools you will use to how you are going to minimize the injuries during gardening.



It would help if you planned adequately before you start planting anything. Check the soil you are going to use. Make sure it is the right soil depending on what you are going to produce.



Encourage yourself to take a jog and walks in the morning. Some of the other exercises you can also do include; wall squats, lunging, and stability exercises. It will help you improve your muscle coordination.

Before starting any gardening activity, make sure that you stretch your body to activate your muscles. Stretch your shoulders, legs, and back. It is also crucial that you check the arm, do some arm exercise; for example, you could swing the arm from left to right and combine it with high knees. It will help with the joints.


Tools and Materials

There are specific tools that you will use during gardening. Use protective gear to shield your body from mechanical injuries. Some of them include; gloves, boots, long pants, and eyewear, which prevents the sun rays and small objects from entering the eye.

When it comes to hand tools, make sure that they are all sharp to minimize the amount of force you will use to dig and weed. Also, ensure that you have all the materials you need to avoid unnecessary movements, which is very tiring.


Split Gardening Activities

Gardening injuries always increase when you push yourself into doing everything in a day or in a short time. It is a good idea if you plan every activity for each day. That way, you have time to relax.

Spend a limited amount of time in the garden, especially when you are starting. For example, you could water on Monday, mow on Tuesday, and weed on Wednesday. If you can’t do this, take short breaks in between the gardening process.


How to handle injuries

Gardening is an activity that requires a lot of body movements, and it is important to always listen to your body if there are any injuries. Some of the most common injuries include; low back pain, knee pain, thumb strain, neck pain, elbow pain, etc.

If any of these injuries occur and persist, it is best to treat the problem before it worsens. The north shore physiotherapy clinic is an excellent choice for the treatment of any of these conditions.



Gardening is the best way to keep your body active, it is engaging, and it has many benefits. As much as it is beneficial to the body, it has got its risks and challenges, but the tips above are to help you minimize the injuries so that you can watch your garden’s success this spring.

Although sometimes the pain may persist for long, do not let it stop you from gardening as there are services to help you relieve the pain fast.

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